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The Structure of Rural Households in 19th Century Moldavia and Wallachia: Approaching Old Censuses, Revisiting Paradigms (2018-2019)

Field of study: Historical Demography, Social History

This research intends to contribute to historical household studies for Moldavia and Wallachia, taking on an approach still new in Romanian historiography: micro-analysis of population samples. We used data from two 19th century censuses (1838 and 1859) to help develop a historical paradigm as an alternative to a field in which sociologic theories elaborated since the 1930s are still Influential. While not perfect, our results show that knowledge on this subject can be improved through a systematic demographic approach. There is great
potential to reconceptualize the inner workings of the household and to connect them both with international frameworks, as well as to different socio-economic contexts of the age, otherwise ignored.

Keywords: households, Moldavia, Wallachia, historiography, census

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