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Association of Friends & Supporters

It has been quite a while since close friends of the NEC suggested that such an association for the benefit of NEC should be established.

As a first step, an informal Alumni Club was created in 2014. It provided funds towards a scholarship for a short research stay at the NEC. The NEC Academic Advisory Board selects a young scholar to benefit from this worthwhile initiative. We are most grateful to those Alumni who have generously contributed to it.

In 2017, the Association of Friends and Supporters came finally to life and a first membership drive was addressed to founding members, long-time friends and former guests of the NEC. So far there are some 20 contributing members, not counting the Alumni whose membership among the “Friends” is of course optional but their formal membership declaration would be most welcome.

We thank all those who have joined the Association and are prepared to support the New Europe College in the long term… and please pass the word to other potential members!

During the first meeting, in November 2017, Viorel Anăstăsoaie, NEC Alumnus and Librarian at the NEC since 2014, was elected member of the Association Board. If you have any further questions regarding the Association of Friends and Supporters, please don’t hesitate to contact him:

Thank you for your support!

Members of the board

Heinz-Rudi Spiegel

Formerly Stifterverband für die Deutsche Wissenschaft, Essen

Hanna Widrig

Former Director Landis & Gyr Foundation Zug, Switzerland

Marina Hasnaș

Former Executive Director New Europe College, Bucharest

Viorel Anăstăsoaie

NEC Alumnus, Librarian of the New Europe College, Bucharest

Direct 3.5% of the income tax to support NEC programmes.