Florin-Bogdan MATEESCU

Academic Year:

Field of Study:
Social History
Historical Demography

Research Program:
NEC Odobleja

Nicolae Iorga Institute of History, Romanian Academy, Bucharest



Research project: Household Dynamics in Rural Moldavia: Iași District in 1859

My thesis (in historical demography) tried to study how and why households were structured in 19th century Moldavia, Wallachia and Bucovina, using micro-analysis applied to samples from population lists. The current project aims to further deepen the analysis and interpretation and to provide a better contextualization of my results in the international scientific landscape.

I plan to focus on an area that proved different regarding to the current paradigm: Moldavia, where my original sample showed complex patterns of household formation and evolution. I want to see what role different families had (or different generations) or family members and how did kin interacted with wealth in shaping the way households were composed. I drew the project around a very detailed source: the 1859 census of Moldavia, for which over 100 registers (of some 40 000 – 50 000 inhabitants) are preserved but the vast majority have never been used and only a few used but not intensively.

A full-length study is available here.