Library Services


NEC Library will be closed from 19 July to 4 October 2021.



NEC Library  is open to all NEC fellows and alumni.

NEC Fellows can:
– borrow books;
– extend loan period of library books by email/phone;
– consult books, periodicals, reference materials in the reading rooms and NEC working spaces;
– photocopy materials as provided by copyright laws.

The library is also open to scholars, MA and Ph.D. students from higher education and research institutes in Romania, as well as to foreign scholars who conduct researches in Romania, upon recommendation from foreign and local colleagues, or from our fellows, and through formal agreements with higher education and research institutions.

NEC Library will be closed from
19 July to 20 September 2021.

For appointments please send an email to:

We are looking forward to seeing you in September!


It focused originally on reference literature in the major fields of the humanities and social sciences, but developed throughout the years into a larger and more diverse collection of books, journals, and electronic resources in these fields. In taking into account the local context, the policy of the library differs to a certain extent from that of other institutes for advanced study.

Safety measures

Before you enter the library, we ask that you: sanitise your hands and/or gloves; wear your mask.
During your visit, we ask that you: keep to social distancing measures, keep your mask on at all times.