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Your gifts to New Europe College create research opportunities in the field of humanities and social sciences and shape values, while supporting excellence in higher education.

Andrei Pleșu founded New Europe College in 1994, creating a breathing space in which researchers could exercise their curiosity and intellectual freedom, unconstrained by official research plans and budgets. NEC became a lively institute, independent from political interference, open to multidisciplinary dialogue, welcoming new generations of researchers every year.

Seminar in the garden, 1994

As Valentina Sandu-Dediu, NEC fellow 1996 – 1997 and Rector of the institute since 2014, mentioned during her talk at the institute’s 20 years anniversary,

NEC has grown from a “chamber” into a “symphony” college. It started with five and then ten humanities scholarships for Romanians, and now it has reached almost forty (half-yearly or yearly) scholarships a year, awarded to young researchers from all over the world.

After almost 30 years of existence, New Europe College has consolidated its reputation as a prestigious institution, not only in Romania but also abroad. The community of scholars that was then emerging has meanwhile grown to around 1000 members. This is a significant milestone that we would like to acknowledge. Also, an opportunity to reflect on the trajectory of this institution.

The fellows are at the heart of NEC’s activity

and they transmit the Institute’s values further on.

We have offered contemporary Romanian research a profile which enables it to play its part with honour in the concert of world research – and that, in so doing, we have respected the defining condition of genuine patriotism: to give more than you receive.



A fellowship at NEC means much more than just receiving a stipend for a certain period of time. Every single fellow shapes this place – and vice versa. Being a fellow means being part of a community of valuable researchers, shaping not only that particular community, but also an important part of the society.

NEC – often compared to an “island of normality”, a “bridge” or a “hub” between fields of studies, researchers and cultures – has grown into the institution it is today thanks to you all: to the fellows and the many visionary people who invested more than they received in trust, time, finances, but also their love for research, for humanities and humanity.





Looking back with immense gratitude at almost three decades of existence, New Europe College would like to strengthen and extend the Network of NEC Friends. Back in the early 90s, NEC offered 10 fellowships free of any thematical constraints. Most of the fellowships NEC has been granting in the last years, however, are linked to a certain program, a preset topic or a financing scheme. What we strive to re-create is the possibility to offer, alongside all these valuable programs, also those 10 fellowships that used to be called the “NEC core program”.

We invite you all to concretely involve in maintaining this institution’s core values and activity. If each of NEC’s 1000 alumni (not to mention friends and supporters) would contribute with 100 EUR, this could be achieved. In striving to continuously respect the defining condition of genuine patriotism, your commitment would not mean a financial contribution only. We strongly believe that generosity and togetherness are the key to shaping values and supporting excellence.