About Us

NEC encourages humanity’s innate curiosity, the motor for the development of human knowledge.


New Europe College came into being in 1994 thanks to the financial support of the New Europe Prize for Higher Education and Research granted to Andrei Pleșu.

This award fund was designed to support research in post-communist countries, with the contribution of six American and European institutes of advanced studies: Stanford, Princeton, Research Triangle Park, Uppsala, Berlin, and Wassenaar.

The first generation of (five) Fellows of the newly founded institution often met informally, hosted by welcoming friends; NEC later moved to a rented flat, then to a small house, and finally to the house on Plantelor Street (property of the Swiss Confederation), which became its home. At its start, the Fellowships offered by NEC targeted exclusively Romanian researchers.

The Institute gradually opened its doors to scholars from the neighboring countries, and over the last years to the world at large, so that currently the number of international scholars invited here in the framework of various Fellowship programmes exceeds the number of Romanian Fellows.

They come to Romania and to the NEC for five or ten months, to live in what for many of them is a new urban and cultural environment, to devote to their research, and to share their ideas and projects in a free and unconstrained exchange.

Since 1994, when it came into being, NEC has supported through its Fellowship programmes hundreds of Romanian and international young researchers, by providing appropriate conditions enabling them to work on their individual projects, and by establishing a strong network among academics, locally and internationally.


Over the years the Institute has acquired a unique position in the region and has established itself as a research center of international repute.

Alongside its Fellowship programmes – and often in connection with them – NEC has been hosting an ongoing series of lectures given by prominent foreign and Romanian scholars, for the benefit of academics, researchers and students, as well as a wider public.

In 2019 NEC hosted a series of events to celebrate its 25th anniversary.
Enjoy the festive section with photos and testimonials from our alumni and friends.

The College also organizes international and national events (seminars, workshops, colloquia, symposia, book launches, etc.).

See the entry “calendar” for more information.

“We are convinced and satisfied that we have offered contemporary Romanian research a profile which enables it to play its part with honour in the concert of world research – and that, in so doing, we have respected the defining condition of genuine patriotism: to give more than you receive…”
Andrei Pleșu