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Learning Silenced Sexualities: War Rape Legacy and Trauma Transmission among War Rape Survivors (2016-2017)

Author: MOČNIK, Nena
Field of study: Balkan Studies, Gender Studies

The paper examines the complex interconnection between rape legacy, silence and transmission of sexual scripts through traumatic memories of survivors. By the help of narrative analysis the study shows, how framing the experience of sexual abuse and violation in the paradigms of shame, guilt and silence, supports to maintain the patriarchal ideas of women as inherently ‘rapable’ and the very rape culture as the accepted cultural norm. For this breaking the silence is not essential only for women survivors to recover from the trauma in order to get free of the past, but becomes crucial in transforming patterns of rape culture, actively and critically addressing it and nevertheless, in establishing future effective practices of prevention of sexual violence, both in peace and conflict.

Keywords: silence, war-rape, sexuality, trauma transmission, post-conflict

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