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Field of Study:
Gender Studies
Balkan Studies

Research Program:
EntE Europe next to Europe

University of Ljubljana



Research project: I WILL NOT RAISE MY CHILD TO KILL YOUR CHILD: Motherhood, Collective Memory and Continuation of Culture of Violence Aftermath of War

The project investigates the impacts of collective trauma in war-rape survivors’ families to reconciliation processes in post-conflict Bosnia-Herzegovina. The overarching goal of this project is to provide robust, high quality evidence of how female victims of war-related sexual crimes, now-mothers might become an important pillar in intergenerational trauma transference and thus potential breeders of negative attitudes, hatred behaviour and continuation of culture of violence. To collect the important data, this research includes a literature review on intergenerational trauma transmission and relations between mothers and kids in post-conflict context; a critical analysis of primary and secondary sources; and intense field research in survivors families. Outcomes of the research target academic audiences and wider communities by written series of publications, public events such as presentations and workshops and concrete engagement in reconciliation and peacebuilding activities.

A full-length study is available here.