Conference: “Civil Society and Corporate Accountability: Actors, Visions, Strategies”, 25-26 May 2023, SNSPA

22 May 2023

The ERC-Consolidator Grant CORPACCOUNT research team invites you to the conference Civil Society and Corporate Accountability: Actors, Visions, Strategies on Thursday and Friday, the 25th & the 26th of May 2023, at SNSPA headquarters (2 Emanoil Bacaloglu Street, Bucharest).

This conference explores the role of national civil societies and transnational advocacy networks in the struggle to hold accountable economic actors for their involvement in massive infringement of human rights, ranging from genocide and war crimes, to torture and forced labor, and to extreme environmental degradation. It examines a variety of NGOs, epistemic communities, trade unions, and grassroot movements which seek justice across the world, and the ways their strategies are informed by different national and regional contexts and diverse ideological and professional understandings of accountability processes.

The conference aims to answer the following questions: 1. How do different actors around the globe mobilize for corporate accountability, what repertoires do they adopt, whom do they address, and with what results? 2. How do different local, national, regional, transnational, and/or trans-local contexts, with their diverse political, socioeconomic, and cultural diversity affect strategies of corporate accountability? 3. What is the interplay between national and transnational mobilizations of advocacy groups?

The program of the conference is available at Civil-Society-Final.pdf (

The workshop is part of the ERC-Consolidator project Transnational Advocacy Networks and Corporate Accountability for Major International Crimes.

Directed by professor Raluca Grosescu (NEC Alumna), this project has received funding from the European Research Council (ERC) under the European Union’s Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme (grant agreement No. 101002993 — CORPACCOUNT), and it is hosted by the National University of Political Science and Public Administration, Bucharest.