CfA: Administrative Assistant within the research project TransCorr – ERC Advanced Grant

24 July 2023

FUNDAȚIA NOUA EUROPĂ/NEW EUROPE COLLEGE invites applications for a position of Administrative Assistant to work within the research project „Transnational histories of ‘corruption’ in Central-South-East Europe (1750-1850) (TransCorr)”, European Research Council Advanced Grant (ERC-2022-AdG no. 101098095), led by dr. Silvia Marton.

Position: Administrative Assistant
Period: 60 months fixed contract starting 1 October 2023
Number of Hours per Month: 40%
Salary: 570 Euro net / month

Description of the Project: TransCorr seeks to construct a history of the idea of “corruption” in Central-South-East Europe in conjunction with the rise of modernity, between 1750 and 1850. It demonstrates how in the context of new ideas about modernity emanating from West Europe, regional leaders reframed a host of traditional customs and practices as ”corrupt”. It examines how Great Power attempts to transform these borderlands into formal and informal imperial provinces further entrenched novel understandings of “corruption,” often pejoratively associating them with the Ottoman legacy. By tracing out this history, TransCorr reveals a genealogy of ideas, discourses, and attitudes that continue to inform analyses of and discussions within the region today.


  • Assist the PI and the TransCorr host institution with regular reporting
  • Provide support to the PI and team members with organization, scheduling, and logistics of TransCorr events and publications
  • Assist PI and TransCorr researchers with organizing and scheduling their documentation and research mobilities in archives and libraries, and with organizing and scheduling their participation at international conferences
  • Provide support to the PI and the host institution with the selection of the doctoral and post-doctoral researchers, and with supervising their activities
  • Collaborate to TransCorr website creation and update
  • Collaborate with post-doctoral and doctoral researchers to create and maintain TransCorr’s social media presence

Conditions for applying:

  • BA in social sciences or humanities.
  • Experience of at least 3 years in the organization of international scientific events in academic or research institutions.
  • Advanced English language skills. Knowledge of a second or more foreign languages ​​is an advantage.
  • Website administration knowledge.

Selection Criteria:

  • CV (80 points)
  • Cover letter (20 points)

Candidates who will obtain 80 points will be invited for an online interview.


Candidates are asked to submit a CV and a cover letter to until 7 September 2023. Shortlisted candidates will be noticed by 11 September 2023 and invited for an online interview to be held on 12 September 2023, starting at 10 a.m.