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Publications of the New Europe College reflect the scholarly output of the fellows and researchers, as well as the events and programmes developed by the College.

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The Mantra of Bucharest (2017-2018)

Field of study: Creative Writing, Classics

Jenia Isaac, a secondary character in Mircea Eliade’s novel “Maitreyi,” decides to come to Bucharest around 1990 upon reading the novel, because she wants to see the places associated with the author. She debates, with her young guide (and Eliade scholar) Andrei Florescu, the nature of her relationship with Eliade and what it means to be a secondary character. Their interaction forces Andrei to make a momentous decision that will impact the rest of his life.

Keywords: Mircea Eliade, Maitreyi, Bucharest, India, Tantra, magic, intertextuality, love, relationships, age, immortality, fiction.

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