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The British Connection: Jews and Judaism in the Anglican-Romanian Orthodox Interfaith Relations (2018-2019)

Author: POPA, Ion
Field of study: History

On 19 August 1937, the Romanian daily newspaper Curentul published a virulent anti-Semitic statement of Miron Cristea, the patriarch of the Orthodox Church. Cristea claimed to have spoken those words to a delegation of British Jews during his 1936 visit to the United Kingdom. The visit was the culmination of a decade of intense interfaith relations between the Anglican and the Romanian Orthodox
Churches. This article explores the context and content of the visit. It also examines the reactions of the Anglican Church to Miron Cristea’s anti-Semitism and its effect on the bilateral relations between the two Churches.

Keywords: anti-Semitism, ecumenism, church-state relations, Jewish-Christian relations

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