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Pathways of Knowledge Exchange: the Dissemination of Romanian Publications in Europe (Second Half of the 19th Century-Until the First World War) (2021-2022)


Author: POPA, Bogdan
Publication: 10.58367/NECY.ODO.2022.1
Field of study: History

In this article, I explore the ways and means publications written and printed in Romania were circulated abroad, mainly in Europe. I aim to identify, analyze and contextualize the transnational networks of individuals, learned societies, and commercial companies involved in this process, by looking at gifts, purchases, and exchanges. My thesis is that the study of these networks is a test of the actual depth of the modernizing process, as it reveals both the ability to connect to the actual transnational, not short of capitalistic, trade flows, as well as the individual relations between scholars.

Keywords: book trade; transnational networks; scholar networks; learned societies; modernization in Romania

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