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On Permanent Migrant Temporariness: the Case of Moldovans in Italy (2018-2019)

Field of study: Migration Studies, Anthropology

In this paper, I put forward a temporal approach on migration experiences in terms of life planning. Drawing on narratives of Moldovan migrant workers in Italy, I study how temporary labour migrants co‑produce, experience and make sense of prolonged temporariness. I illustrate how migration plans change over time and look into the factors determining this change. More specifically, I provide insights on how projected temporariness as a temporal horizon deeply affects one’s lifestyle and crucial life decisions. I show that maintaining a
temporary mindset correlates with a halting migrant behaviour in terms of time strategies. I examine how this temporariness is reflected in their everydayness, family life, qualities of time and how it affects long term decision‑making in practical domains such as occupational career, access to social benefits, pension and health system. By and large, this paper addresses the time management of those who are not always in the position to “own” time, have a clear vision of what lies ahead and make informed decisions.

Keywords: labour migration, temporalities, temporary migration, temporariness, temporal horizons, migration decision making

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