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M. Cornelius Fronto – A Man of Letters and his Letters (2014-2015)

Field of study: Classics

The article touches upon literary tastes of a prominent orator of the second century C. E. M. Cornelius Fronto, which are reflected in the correspondence with his two royal pupils – Marcus Aurelius and Lucius Verus. After discussion of literary canons in antiquity, the reading list of Fronto is compared to the most famous canon of Greek and Latin authors compiled by Quintilian at the end of
the first century C. E. The main difference between these two lies in neoclassical tastes of Quintilian and pre‑classical of Fronto who is guided by his archaist interests. A separate section studies Fronto’s account of Cicero in the light of these predilections.

Keywords: Cornelius Fronto, literary canon, archaism, Cicero, Marcus Aurelius

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