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Knowing from Experience: on Induction in a Broader Sense and the Intuition of Essences (2019-2020)

Field of study: Philosophy

Phenomenology, in its Husserlian design, appeared as a form of descriptive psychology that aimed to overcome the boundaries of an empiric science and become a pure, eidetic discipline. In this paper, I reevaluate the relation between Husserl’s phenomenology and Brentano’s descriptive psychology or psychognosy. I argue that despite Husserl’s famous retraction of his initial characterization of phenomenology as descriptive psychology, in Brentano’s specific method of psychognosy exists a step that is not specific to any empirical
science, does not imply any positing, and it is not bound to the actual world, namely: induction in a broader sense or the intuitive grasping of laws that arise from concepts

Keywords: induction, experiential science, eidetic intuition, a priori laws, evidence, intuitive grasp, variation, positing character

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