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In the Age of “Misery”. The Romanian Sociology during the Communist Regime (1948-1977) (2011-2012)


The main objective of the article is the evaluation of the place that Romanian sociology occupied during the communist regime, in
reconstructing the domestic and international political context that led to a (re) institutionalization of the discipline. After a very rich activity between the Two wars, Romanian sociology was banned as a discipline after the World War II and the rise to power of the communist regime. After two decades of “misery”, sociology has been institutionalized in the 1960s in the context of  an intellectual and political “liberalization”. The article aims to explain the institutional development of Romanian sociology during the communist regime,
through the analysis of the role played by various factors (the pre-war tradition, the political system).

Keywords: Romanian sociology, East-European sociologies, communist regime, institutionalization

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