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Identity, Secrecy, and War: the Letters of Ivan III of Moscow to His Daughter, Elena of Lithuania (2021-2022)


Publication: 10.58367/NECY.ODO.2022.1
Publication date: 03/2023
Field of study: Philology

This paper addresses the public Orthodox identity of the Muscovite ruling family during the late 15th century, by focusing on the case of Elena Ivanovna (1474/6–1513), daughter of Ivan III of Moscow and wife of Alexander Jagiellon of Lithuania. Through an analysis of the diplomatic correspondence between the grand prince of Moscow and his daughter, it discusses the implications
Elena’s religious identity had both on an individual level and for the image of the Muscovite dynastic identity.

Keywords: Ivan III of Moscow, Elena of Lithuania, Muscovite–Lithuanian Wars, religious identity

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