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Hrabské in Search of “Divine and Human Law”: the History of Greek Catholic - Orthodox Conflict in one Village in Interwar Slovakia (2016-2020)

Field of study: History of Ukraine

The article examines how the Greek Catholics of Eastern Slovakia viewed the ambiguous role of Orthodoxy, one of the fundamental components of all-Russian ideologies, in discussions about religious and national belonging among local Ruthenians/Ukrainians. The unfolding polemics illustrate the process of the reinterpretation of the image of the self among local Greek Catholics, who understood that it had become impossible to adhere to the old “Orthodox” rhetoric and who were looking for new words and meanings to re-describe their
role in the region. The case of Hrabské is typical, but at the same time particularly interesting, because it reflects the reaction of different levels within the structures of the Czechoslovak state to a quite ordinary conflict between the Orthodox and Greek Catholic inhabitants of one East Slovak mountain village.

Keywords: Russophiles, Ukrainophiles, the Greek Catholic Church, the Orthodox Church, Eastern Slovakia

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