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How Do We Produce Knowledge on a Country during Armed Conflict? The Challenges of Researching Ukraine Ukraine in the Contexts of Euromaidan and AND RUSSIA-UKRAINE WAR (2016-2017)

Field of study: Human geography

This paper addresses some of the challenges that Euromaidan, Russia’s annexation of Crimea, and the armed conflict in the East of Ukraine present to the work of researchers who study Ukraine-related issues. Firstly, I explore the consideration of “doing no harm” to the research subjects and avoiding the possible hazards to the researcher themselves. Secondly, I look at the conflict’s limiting impact
on scholarly writing. Thirdly, I look at potential tensions and splits within research communities that might affect the processes of collaborative production of knowledge. Based upon a series of interviews with scholars of Ukraine, this paper seeks to analyse some of the difficulties facing academics in politically sensitive situations.

Keywords: Ukraine, Euromaidan, production of knowledge, armed conflict, research ethics.

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