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History, Land and Collective Identity: Crimean Cossack and Crimean Tatar Contestation on Physical and Social Space (2012-2013)

Field of study: History

This article is dedicated to the study of the Crimean Cossacks’ impact on the way interethnic relations unfold in the Crimean Peninsula. Therefore, the study aims to discover if Cossacks’ presence in the Peninsula has led to any conflictive consequences in the physical and social space. Moreover, the aim of the study is to examine if the Cossacks’ presence in the Peninsula has impacted the way interethnic relations unfold and if this led to conflictive consequences in the social and physical space. In the study of the Cossack impact on the interethnic life, this work tests how such causes relate to the perception of the past, the land and the formation of collective memory and identity.

Keywords: Crimea, interethnic relations, Cossacks

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