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Getting over the “Double Trauma”: the Second-Generation Turkish-Germans' Narratives of Deportation from Germany and Social Integration in Turkey (2017-2018)

Field of study: Migration Studies, Mobility Studies

This paper explores the social integration processes of the second-generation Turkish ‘migrants’ from Germany who were deported to Turkey on account of criminal activities. Based on the life-story narratives of 14 male respondents (collected in 2014-2015) who work and live in Antalya – the Mediterranean tourism hub of Turkey – the paper aims to analyse the ways in which tourist places offer spaces for self-healing, as well as enable social/economic integration. The paper aims to contribute to the academic knowledge regarding deportation as a forced-return migration phenomenon which has been overlooked in ‘the second generation return migration’ literature. The premise of the research is that for the second-generation Turkish-Germans, deportation evoked a “double trauma”: on the one hand, they had to adapt to their new lives in Turkey without having parents and social networks, and on the other, they had to integrate to the civil society as ex-criminals

Keywords: Turkish-Germans, deportation, return migration

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