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From Estonian-Russian Inter-Marriages “Inter-Regional” Marriages in Ukraine in the Times of Crisis (2015-2016)

Author: LEMBER, Uku
Field of study: Oral history, Anthropology, History

This working paper discusses the issues with translating the research methodology and theoretical underpinnings from one inter-marriage situation in Estonia and to another in Ukraine. In my previous work, I researched “Estonian-Russian” intermarriages; my ongoing postdoctoral research focuses on the marriages between the people from different regions in Ukraine. In this paper I first offer
an overview of my research methodology and theoretical framework. Second, I present an empirical illustration of some findings from Ukraine. In the end, I develop new reflections about my theoretical approach, directed towards rethinking the concept of “cultural world” and the meaning of “inter-marriage” in the diverse identification situation of Ukraine.

Keywords: oral history, life-story, memory studies, Estonia, Ukraine, Soviet Union, Maidan

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