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Family Relationships, Attitudes and Collective Sensibilities in Testamentary Discourse in 17th and18th Century Moldavia (2011-2012)

Field of study: Medieval History, Pre-modern history

We believe that no document is more revealing to find out the stories past lives than by casting an eye on the diata, documents by which,
broader or poorer, human life, with good and bad, with regrets and accomplishments, with unknown undertones, and unsuspected in most cases, it is revealed to us at the very moment of death. Starting from the coating of these types of acts and from the context in which they begin to be drafted, and going more far away from a thorough radiography of the interior and, very importantly, to the consequences on the socio-cultural framework, we intend to sketch the picture in motion of “the world we have lost.”

Keywords: diată (testament), last wills, kinship, inheritance, land, death

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