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‘Double Identity’ of Contemporary Gypsy Musicians in Eastern Europe or why “The Roma [Still] Wish to be heard" (2014-2015)

Publication: NEC Yearbooks 2014-2015
Publication date: July 2015
Institutional affiliation: New Europe College
Field of study: Cultural Studies, Musicology

In this paper I am dealing with the issue of ‘double identity’ of Gypsy musicians – their concurrent identification as Gypsies and as musicians.  I claim that this ‘double identity’ enables them playing music of specific traits, music that is referred to as ‘Gypsy music’ or alternatively as music performed in a Gypsy style. It can be claimed that music not only serves as a means of expressing this ’double identity’ of Gypsy musicians but is – in fact – a reflection of this specific duality.

Keywords: Gypsy music, Gypsy musicians, Gypsiness

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