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2015 Belgrade Lesbian March: Lesbian Separatism in Public Space (2015-2016)

Author: BILIĆ, Bojan
Field of study: Political sociology

This paper draws upon a variety of empirical sources to reconstruct the 2015 Belgrade Lesbian March, and contextualise this public gathering both in the history of gay and lesbian organising in the (post-Yugoslav space as well as in the broader sphere of European and especially Anglo-American lesbian mobilisation. I argue that this lesbian separatist event, on the one hand, increased lesbian visibility both nationally and regionally, but it also created divisions within activist circles that do not seem to advance the overarching goal of non-heterosexual liberation. While pointing to the importance of gender-sensitive understandings of homophobia and the necessity for producing lesbian-centred scholarship, I claim that public space and emancipatory political contestations that take place within it should remain open and inclusive.

Keywords: Lesbian activism, lesbian separatism, non-heterosexual emancipation, Belgrade

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