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Research Program:
NEC Odobleja

Nicolae Iorga Institute of History, Romanian Academy, Bucharest



Research project: Population Movements, Displacement and Refuge during First World War in Romania (1916-1918)

The research will examine the significance and implications of the population movements and displacement during World War I in Romania; the analysis will include the background, causes and consequences of population movements, the socio-demographic factors, the dimension of individual and collective trauma associated with the experience of refuge, the studying of the connection between violence and aggression, on one hand, and displacement and refuge (associated with pauperization) on the other hand. The project also implies the studying of the way Romanian authorities have dealt with the prolonged issue of refugees, mainly the social and humanitarian dimensions of it. Given the historical and socio-demographic implications, the research will be conducted in a multidisciplinary manner, in which demography for instance, would reveal, through comparative analysis of the demographic dynamics, the plethora of evolutions related to displacement, associated with war and occupation.