Oana Cristina ŢIGANEA

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NEC – private donor


Research project: Industrial Architecture between territorial Diffusion, Interpretation and Identity Creation during 1945 – 1989 in Romania

The proposed research project aims at bringing new insights on the Romanian architectural practice in reference to the theme of the planning of industrial architecture, in connection with the metallurgic development during the period of the socialism. The recent history of its architectural legacy, as direct result of the time culture in connection with local identities, will be analysed as a consequence of the political and socio-economic constraints of the 1945 – 1989 Romanian setting. The research will focus on the nation-wide territorial impact of the ‘experiment’ of Hunedoara (previously approached during the doctoral period at the Politecnico di Milano, 2010 – 2013), possibly the first post-1945 industrial intervention on Romanian territory, and considered during the mid-1960s as an example of “monumental industrial architecture”. The project will look at the impact on diversification, diffusion and interpretation of the architectural models of the socialist ideology.