Alexandr OSIPIAN

Academic Year:

Research Program:
BSL Black Sea Link

Kramatorsk Institute of Economics and Humanities

Professor of History


Research project: Trans-Cultural Trade in the Black Sea Region, 1250-1700: Integration of Armenian Trading Diaspora in Moldavian Principality

This research is a part of my large-scale research project concerned with the long-distance and cross-cultural trade of Armenian Diasporas in the late medieval and early modern East-Central Europe, Ottoman Empire, and Persia in 1250-1700.
Among the main issues of my research agenda I would like to emphasize the follows: How did merchants belonging to different religious groups conduct trade with one another during the Late Medieval and Early Modern period? How did different societies – Christian as well as non-Christian – accommodate “infidels” in the interest of promoting profitable commercial activity?

After detailed research of Armenian trading Diasporas in the Crimea (Caffa and Soldaia/Surozh) and Polish Kingdom (Lemberg, Kamianiec and Zamość), now I focus my research on the Armenian communities in Moldavian Principality and their trade and commerce in the Eastern Europe and the Black Sea region. The main attention is given to the relations between Armenian merchants and local authorities – princes, city magistrates, judges, etc., namely to the merchants’ strategies of integration into the new cultural milieu.