Academic Year:

Field of Study:
Literature/ Translation

Research Program:
Tandem – Author with Translator – Translator with Author

Slavic Unit, Department of Foreign Languages and Literatures, Faculty of Letters, “Alexandru Ioan Cuza” University, Iași

Associate Professor


Research project: Translating Maria Rybakova, "Quaternity: Four Novellas from the Carpathians"/ "Cetverovecinost"/ "Cuaternitate. Patru nuvele din Carpați" from English/Russian into Romanian

A collection of four novellas published in September 2021. Four thematically linked novellas that focus on obsessive relationships, stolen identities, and illusions of grandeur in the post-1989 Carpathian-Balkan region: An American expat in Europe appropriates the identity of a Romanian orphan in her desperate search for love. A dictator’s daughter learns, while on a study trip to France, that her parents have been overthrown and are about to be executed. A minor character from a novel confronts her own insignificance. A wife announces to her husband of forty years that she’s just been awarded the Nobel Prize in Literature.