Razvan IOAN

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NEC Odobleja

Paleologu Foundation

Lecturer in the History of Philosophy


Research project: Immigration in Early Modern Philosophy: Machiavelli and Spinoza

We read and hear, on an almost daily basis, debates on the question of immigration, and on its influence on our lives. While contemporary philosophers are starting to address this topic, a historical frame of reference is, unfortunately, very often lacking.
This research project will address this gap in the literature by focusing on the philosophy of immigration in Early Modern Europe. It will do so through recourse to two major figures of the period, namely Machiavelli and Spinoza. While some scholarly literature addresses the connection between the two, a systematic study of their views on immigration is yet to be conducted.
The thesis is that the two are united by their inclusive attitude towards migrants, because both believe that the body politic can be greatly strengthened by the integration of foreigners. Nevertheless, this study will be sensitive to the fact that they are separated by more than a century of historical and philosophical developments.

A full-length study is available here.