Dan-Alexandru ILIEȘ

Academic Year:

Research Program:
NEC Odobleja

County Center of Culture, Bistrița-Năsăud



Research project: Arabic and Judeo-Arabic Medieval Philisophies

My research will continue my doctoral studies on Maimonides, directed by Professor Rémi Brague, as well as my post-doctoral studies at the Warburg Institute, dedicated to Maimonides’ contemporary, Averroes. It is a comparative study on the political thoughts of Maimonides, and of his philosophical master, Al-Farabi. I will pursue two main aspects of research: 1) the cosmological context of political thought, or the theory of the best regime, and 2) the conceiving of the proper political action, dedicated to the realization of the best regime. I would like to finish the research of Maimonides, on aspects that could not be included in the book-form of my doctoral thesis (under press at the Cerf editions, Paris), and begin the study of Farabi, the founder of political philosophy in Islam. On long term, my objective is to write a book, taking into account the evolution of Islamic political philosophy and including other political thinkers, such as Avicenna or Averroes.