Corina ILEA

Academic Year:

Research Program:
NEC Haret

University of Bucharest

Independent Researcher


Research project: Accelerated Visibility: Online Family Albums of Immigration

My research project will investigate Romanian immigration represented through images shared online and contemporary cultural productions that address the Romanian phenomenon of immigration, focusing on creative strategies employed to bring into the visual field a precarious condition that on the one hand is partially invisible to those not directly involved, but which on the other hand is in stark contrast with the accelerated visibility of modern technology (iphone world and internet image exchanges). The ubiquity and profusion of images nowadays shared across social media platforms not only function as a way of recording the world, but, fundamentally, as a way of producing it, a radical swift in the way photography is produced and circulated. Based on intermediality theories, my investigation into images representing immigration will be interdisciplinary, situated at the confluence between culture, sociology, and philosophy, with rigorous application of visual arts analysis and cultural theory.