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Affiliation: Association of Cultural Heritage Managers

Position: Researcher


Research project: Landscape Impact of the Cistercian Monasteries in Marginal Europe in the Middle Ages

The proposed project will comparatively analyze a selection of well documented Cistercian estates in different marginal regions of Europe, in order to provide a better assessment of the long term environmental impact of Cistercian land management in the medieval period. An integrated analysis of historical data (estates records) and environmental/biophysical data (soil, geology, relief, woodland cover) will be carried out using GIS tools, to see how current landscape conditions link to patterns of medieval management. Historical topographical data on the selected estates will be mapped and three aspects of Cistercian management, i.e. 1) manorial farms, 2) woodland, and 3) fishponds will be studied comparatively, reflecting on previous historical narratives, which emphasize the role of Cistercian agency in extensive woodland management (assarting, pasturing), in water management, as well as their expert knowledge in selecting more fertile lands.