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NEC Haret

Associate Researcher


Research project: The Repressive Structure of Caporalato. A Critical Assessment of Romanian Agricultural Immigrants' Condition in the Context of the Gang-Master Labor System in Southern Italy

The focus of this research project concerns the relation between Romanian economic migration and the phenomenon of the Italian gang-master labor system (caporalato), treated not as an exception or as deviation from the ”accepted norms” of labor relations, but from the perspective of its full integration into the economic Italian system, as a structural mechanism of adjustment of national economy. To test our research hypothesis we will focus on the situation of Romanian immigrants in Southern Italian agriculture, where on the one hand, our field research will focus both of underlining the social and political implications and causes of the extreme labor and sexual exploitation they suffer, while on the other hand, this field research will become the empirical base of a larger reflection and critique of the socio-political antinomies of the contemporary European system of labor relations and the repressive and power mongering traits of contemporary labor regimes.