Cyrill LIM

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Research Program:
Landis & Gyr

Sound artist and composer


Research project: Romanian Musicians / Composers during the Communist Times

I am interested in the development of Romanian artists and art in the time period between 1971 and 1989 in Romania. Especially in two regards:

First, I’m interested to know how the exchange or interchange between Romanian artists and Western artists was during that period, or if there was any exchange at all. Second, and that’s where my main focus lies, has there been an active scene of artists in the performance art scene with focus on sound and music (traditionally coming from the visual art)? And if so, how does it distinguish itself from the American (and Japanese) performance art scene evolving around people like Cage/Lucier/Behrman, Shiomi/Kosugi/Ono…?

I read about composers and musicians during that time period (for example the Ars Nova Ensemble) but haven’t found a lot of information about the artists combining performance art and sound/music.

I’m looking for documentations about such performances as well as for still active artists to get in touch with. Perhaps there will even be an opportunity or possibility to perform some of these works. Since I’m first and foremost an artist and not a researcher, my goal is to get new impulses for and a fresh perspective on my own artistic work, which in a music – and art – historical context is mainly oriented towards American artists and art.

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Credit photo: Sanja Latinović