Alexandra BĂNEU

Academic Year:

Research Program:
NEC Odobleja

Collaborator, Center for Ancient and Medieval

Research Assistant at the “Sextil Pușcariu” Institute for Linguistics and Literary History, Romanian Academy


Research project: Evolution and Reception of Commentaries on the Sentences of Peter Lombard in Central and Eastern Europe (15th–17th Centuries). The Case Study of Pelbartus of Themeswar’s Rosarium

The project aims to follow the evolution and reception of Commentaries on the Sententces of Peter Lombard in the 15th to 17th centuries in Central and Eastern Europe, by means of a case study focusing on the manner of composition and on the dissemination of Pelbartus of Themeswar’s Rosarium. The approach will be twofold, on the one hand analyzing the literary style of this work and making a statistic of the sources invoked, in order to better compare it to commentaries on the Sentences written in a university context, and, on the other hand, studying the material exemplars of the work preserved in some Central European cities, such as Prague and Budapest, as well as the exemplars from Romanian libraries. This type of approach will allow us to see who the readers of the work were and how it was used, by the analysis of ex libris notations and lecture notes. Such a research will shed new light on the manner in which this literary style and its evolution have been understood thus far by the scientific community.