Academic Year:

Research Program:
Gerda Henkel

Department of Political History, Kharkiv Polytechnic Institute, National Technical University

Associate Professor (Docent)


Research project: A Jewish Community in the Space of Imperial City: Tradition-Adaptation-Modernization (Kharkiv, 1859–1914)

The project is devoted to the history of the Jewish population of Russian Empire in 1859-1914. Project has two main focuses – the mass migration of Jews beyond the Pale of Settlement and the existence of a Jewish community in the space of an Imperial City. Kharkiv was chosen as a research area. The history of the Jewish community in the multicultural space of a large city is a popular topic in the historiography. However, researchers rarely go beyond the Pale of Settlement. Our study fills gaps and creates a new perspective on the history of the Jews in Russian Empire. Our research is based on a complex of different sources such as documents of central and local authorities, judicial and police documents, periodicals, documents of personal origin.

The internal Jewish migration was the main line of the process of forming a Jewish community beyond the Pale. In this project will be determine the direction of Jewish migration, the composition of migrants and their motivation, the special network that was created by migrants and would facilitate adaptation of a new migrant or could delay the migration movement.