Academic Year:

Research Program:
Gerda Henkel

Institute of History, Chișinău, Moldova



Research project: A Comparative Study on the Development of Commercial Institutions and Practices in Romanian Principalities / Romania and Bessarabia (1812-1918)

The primary purpose of the research is to determine the role that the emerging European market has played through trade in spreading of the modern institutions and practices in the commerce of Romanian Principalities / Romania in comparison with Bessarabia. The purpose of the work imposes several objectives: the examination of the policies adopted by the government of Romania Principalities / Romania towards the establishment of modern trade institutions; assessment of the impact that the European economic processes had on the spread of modern elements in the trade practices of Romanian Principalities.
The study of these two aspects we aim to determine the particularities of development of commodity-money relations locally, but also regionally, beyond the political borders. In this regard, we intend to investigate to what extent modern elements in trade represented an impetus for the modernization of the sphere of production relations in different branches of the economy.