Andreea-Maria MURARU

Academic Year:

Research Program:

Faculty of Cybernetics, Statistics and Economic Informatics, University of Economic Studies, Bucharest

Program Associate Professor


Research project: The Rotation of the Smaller Wheel: “Tolerance Remittances” in Transylvania vs. Northeastern Romania

Post-communist Romania experienced massive migration. With almost 20 percent of the Romanian population living abroad, migration is a phenomenon that has (and continues to) profoundly changed the Romanian society. 5 billion US dollars are yearly sent by emigrants to Romania. But it’s not only money that comes from migrants; they engage in a system of complex flows with their sending country making the relation between the Diaspora and the home country resemble a system of interlocking wheels.
In this framework of interconnectivity, I intend to study whether emigration has contributed to “remitting tolerance” in Transylvania and northeastern Romania and if money tells a story of tolerance in Transylvania and nortearstern Romania.
For this purpose I intend to combine the quantitative approach, using survey data, with a qualitative analysis (the profile of the emigrant in the recipient countries, the economic conditions of the staying population) and to enforce results by references to ethnographic and anthropological studies developed for communities in Transylvania and Moldova.