Andreea ȘERBAN

Academic Year:

Research Program:

Department of English Language and Literature, West University of Timișoara

Ph.D. Candidate, Assistant Professor


Research project: Postcolonial Voices: Races, Cultures, Identities (curricular course)

Drawing on the experience of its NEC and RELINK Programmes in connecting with the Romanian academic milieu, NEC initiated in 2003, with support from Higher Education Support Programme (HESP) in Budapest, a programme that aimed to contribute more consistently to the advancement of higher education in major Romanian academic centers (Bucharest, Cluj–Napoca, Iaşi, Timişoara). Teams consisting of two academics from different universities in Romania, assisted by a PhD student offered joint courses for the duration of one term in a discipline within the fields of humanities and social sciences. The programme supported innovative courses, conceived so as to meet the needs of the host universities. The grantees participating in the Programme received monthly stipends, a substantial support for ordering literature relevant to their courses, as well as funding for inviting guest lecturers from abroad and for organizing scientific events.

Andreea ŞERBAN was part of a team which also included Mihaela IRIMIA, Professor, Department of English Language and Literature, Faculty of Foreign Languages and Literatures, University of Bucharest and Pia BRÎNZEU, Professor and Vice-Rector, Faculty of Letters, Philosophy and History, West University of Timişoara.

Host Institution: Faculty of Letters, West University of Timişoara
Title of Course: Postcolonial Voices: Races, Cultures, Identities (curricular course)
Targeted Audience: Undergraduate students in Philology