The Schools of Early Scholasticism and the Social History of Truth

Event: Public talk

Location: Zoom

17 June 2021, 17.00 – 19.00 (Bucharest time)

Professor Frank REXROTH, Chair for Medieval and Modern History, University of Göttingen, Germany

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It is a classic argument in the historiography of science and the humanities that epistemic boundaries are by no means protected demarcation zones but, on the contrary, ideal fields of innovation, places which induce scholars to think ‘outside the box’ by integrating questions, methods and theories into their empirical field that usually are not domiciled there. One kind of social group I am dealing with in my current work are particularly inviting with respect to such an approach: the early scholastic schools of private, entrepreneurial masters and their students. During my talk I will sketch these schools and the changing episteme of ‘higher learning’. Then will ask what the specific contribution of Peter Abelard (d. 1142) to the epistemic change was that was taking place during the twelfth century. Here, the social form of the schools, including behavioural and emotional aspects, will be at the centre. And thirdly, I will at least touch upon a few notions and patterns of thought that seem to have permanently moulded the communication between scholastic scholars and their environment.