The Conscience of an Archive

Event: Colloquium (in English)

Location: NEC conference hall

26 October 2018, 10:00 – 18:00

A colloquium convened by Salonul de proiecte (Alexandra Croitoru, Magda Radu, Ștefan Sava), in collaboration with New Europe College

Participants: Hubertus von AMELUNXEN, Michael BAERS, Alexandra CROITORU, Yasmine EID-SABBAGH, Tom HOLERT, Ana-Cristina IRIAN, Anca OROVEANU, Peter PFRUNDER, Magda RADU, Ștefan SAVA.

This event is part of a project financed by the National Cultural Fund Administration, Romania, which takes as its starting point Mihai Oroveanu’s collection devoted to photography.