Shame in Classical Sanskrit Literature

Event: Research Group

Location: NEC#403 & Zoom

22 July 2024, 16.15-18.00 (Bucharest time)

Dr. Rainer GRAFENHORST, Independent Scholar

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Our next meeting will take us on a less beaten path. Dr. Rainer Grafenhorst will kindly introduce us to the world of emotions in Classical India. In his intervention, he will share with us some of his – until now mostly empirical – findings from his research into the concept of shame in Classical Sanskrit literature. He will present a number of examples from various registers and texts of the use of the principal terms in Sanskrit that mean (or at least are usually translated as) ‘shame’. He proposes that we simply read through these specimens and jointly comment on them, eventually bringing in notions and ideas from the amassed treasure of theoretical reflections on the nature and history of shame (Simmel, Elias, Schnell, Neckel, Goffman, Rosenwein etc.). Comparative perspectives from the cultural spaces on which the other participants are experts are most welcome!

This event is organized within Emotions Through History Research Group in the framework of the Grammars of Emotion: Shame and the Social Economy of Honour in Medieval Heroic Literatures research project supported by Romania’s Recovery and Resilience Plan | Ministry of European Investment and Projects – Government of Romania | #NextGenerationEU – European Union (Postdoctoral Research PNRR-III-C9-2022 – I9) and hosted by New Europe College.