Rural Voices

Event: International Workshop

Location: NEC conference hall & Zoom

11 November 2022, 10.00-18.00 (Bucharest time)

Conveners:  Constantin ARDELEANU, Iuliana CINDREA-NAGY and Roland CLARK

Participants: George ANDREI, Constantin ARDELEANU, Constantin BĂRBULESCU, Cătălin BERESCU, Philippe Henri BLASEN, Iuliana CINDREA-NAGY, Roland CLARK, Adriana CUPCEA, Sergiu DELCEA, David DIACONU, Andreea KALTENBRUNNER, Cosmin Koszor CODREA, Răzvan ROȘU


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Passcode: 226049


Opening Remarks

Panel 1

Chair: Sergiu Delcea (Bucharest)

Constantin Bărbulescu (Cluj-Napoca)
The Ignored Peasants of Romanian Ethnology

Răzvan Roșu (Vienna)
Beyond Nationalism and State Authorities: Voices of the Moți colonists from the Carei Area

Adriana Cupcea (Cluj-Napoca)
The Memories of Communist life in a Turkish Muslim Roma Community in Dobruja (Romania)

Cătălin Berescu (Bucharest)
A Rural Monument

Lunch break

Panel 2

Chair: Cosmin Koszor Codrea (Cluj/Bucharest)

Constantin Ardeleanu (Bucharest/Galați)
Peasants and Cooperation in a Romanian Village in Early 20th Century Romania

Roland Clark (Liverpool)
Not Just a Problem for Shepherds: Managing Pastureland in 1930s Dolj

George Andrei (Bloomington)
Our Struggle for Existence’: The Many Faces of Socioecological Vulnerability in Rural Interwar Transylvania

Coffee break

Panel 3

Chair: David Diaconu (Bucharest)

Andreea Kaltenbrunner (Vienna)
’Down with the Romanian Rule’. Old Calendarist Voices in the Archives

Iuliana Cindrea-Nagy (Cluj-Napoca)
The Construction of Sanctity: the Old Calendarist Community Records the Miracles of Glicherie Tănase

Philippe Henri Blasen (Iași)
Northern Moldavian Small Town Dwellers on Carol II’s Coup        



This workshop is organized in connection with the Lapedatu Fellowships at NEC, sponsored by the Lapedatu Foundation (