Marriage-making among Roma in Central and Eastern Europe: Practices, Meanings, Economies

Event: Workshop (a working meeting for preparing a special issue of Martor, not open to the general public)

Location: NEC conference hall

20 March 2020, 09:30 – 18:30

Participants: Marian Viorel ANĂSTĂSOAIE, Margaret BEISSINGER, Ana CHIRIȚOIU, Grégoire COUSIN, Ivan DJORDJEVIĆ, László FOSZTÓ, Iulia HAȘDEU, Cecília KOVAI, Jonathan LARCHER, Bogdan MATEESCU, Martin OLIVERA, Andreea RACLEȘ, Michael STEWART, Elisabeth TAUBER, Cătălina TESĂR, Ștefánia TOMA

This event is organized by the Museum of the Romanian Peasant in collaboration with New Europe College, financed by a grant of The Administration of the National Cultural Fund (AFCN), and supported by CEREFREA Villa Noël.