Emotion as a Social Practice

Event: Research group

Location: Zoom

27 March 2023, 18.15-20.00 (Bucharest time)

Cătălin ȚĂRANU, PhD, NEC scientific researcher, leader of the research project Grammars of Emotion: Shame and the Social Economy of Honour in Medieval Heroic Literatures

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Emotion is often conceptualized in the terms of a post-Romantic and post-Freudian discrepancy between the private, ineffable feelings of one’s inmost being and its outward expression fraught with the dangers of misunderstanding and repression by other people. The conversation will revolve around newer theories of emotion bypassing this binary logic: emotion seen as a system of social practice, action, and gestures, as a performance determined by cultural scripts, as a phenomenon that emerges out of the interactions with other humans and objects.

Reading: Monique Scheer, ‘Emotions as a Kind of Practice: Six Case Studies Utilizing Monique Scheer’s Practice-Based Approach to Emotions in History’, Cultural History, 7.2, 226-38


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