Debates of the Center for Political Analyses and Studies (CASP)

Event: Debate

Location: NEC

02 July 2004, 10.00-13.00; 14.30-19.30

The event will take place on the occasion of the issue of three publications: No.41 of the Review Romanian Journal of Society and Politics. The CASP Report on the 2004 Loca; Elections and Liliana Popescu’s Politica sexelor.

The debates will have the structure of a panel talk:

Republic of Moldova – where to?
Discussion on the domestic and international political situation of the Republic Moldova in the framework of the NATO and EU enlargement, with the participation of Professor William CROWTHER, University of North Carolina at Greensboro.

The Local Elections of 2004. What kind of Winning, what Kind of Change?
Discussion on the occasion of the issue of the CASP Report coordinated by the politologists Laurentiu STEFAN, Razvan GRECU and Aurelian MUNTEAN.

The Asymmetrical Democracy. Women and Politics
Discussion on Liliana Popescu’s book Politica Sexelor (Maiko, 2004)