A Forgotten Consumer Children and material culture in 19th century South-East and Central Europe

Event: International workshop

Location: NEC conference hall

11 July 2019, 15:00 – 17:30

Convener: Nicoleta ROMAN

Participants: Alicia BASSO BOCCABELLA, Giulia CALVI, Annette CREMER, Luminița DUMĂNESCU, Malgorzata GRABCZEWSKA, Aude Le GUENNEC, Jane HAMLETT, Evgenia KERMELI, Cătălina MIHALACHE, Maria PAKUCS, Nicoleta ROMAN, Elmira VASSILEVA, Constanța VINTILĂ-GHIȚULESCU, Fruma ZACHS


The workshop is organized in the frame of the European Research Council Consolidator Grant no. 646489 Luxury, Fashion and Social Status in Early Modern South-Eastern Europe (LuxFaSS), hosted by the New Europe College – Institute for Advanced Study, Bucharest.

The program of the event is available here.