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New Europe College has been hosting over the years an ongoing series of lectures given by prominent foreign and Romanian scholars, for the benefit of academics, researchers and students, as well as a wider public. The College also organizes international and national events (seminars, workshops, colloquia, symposia, book launches, etc.).


July 2018

Date Event Title, Lecturer/Participants Location

July 2

Research Group*

(in Romanian)

The Bible in Linguistic Context: Introduction to Biblical Hebrew

Participants: Francisca BĂLTĂCEANU, Monica BROŞTEANU, Melania BĂDIC, Emanuel CONȚAC, Octavian FLORESCU, Victor GEORGESCU, Cristinel IATAN, Alexandru MIHĂILĂ, Delia MIHĂILĂ, Ovidiu PIETRAREANU, Tarciziu ŞERBAN

room 403

July 4

Pontica Magna Seminar*

(in English)

The Ambiguities of Cossackdom: the Case of the Pontic Steppe 1775-1830s

Andriy POSUNKO, Ph.D. Candidate, Central European University, Hungary

NEC conference hall

July 5

International Workshop

(in English)

In-Between, Across, Within: Thinking Borders in the Black Sea Region

Participants: Constantin ARDELEANU, Katharina BIEGGER, Pietro BORTONE, Giorgi CHEISHVILI, Olga DOROKHINA, Dace DZENOVSKA, Anastasia FELCHER, Olga GONTARSKA, Lars Funch HANSEN, Barbara HENNING, Dovile JAKNIUNAITE, Dirk LEHMKUHL, Ana LULEVA, Alexander MISHNEV, Tetiana OSTAPCHUK, Carmen SCHEIDE

The workshop is organized within the framework of the Pontica Magna Fellowship Programme in partnership with the Center for Governance and Culture in Europe (University of St. Gallen) and is supported by the VolkswagenStiftung

conference hall

July 6
10.00-13.30 15.00-17.30

International Workshop

In-Between, Across, Within: Thinking Borders in the Black Sea Region


NEC conference hall

July 7

International Workshop

(in English)

The Present and Future of Secessionist Conflicts

Participants: Bakhtiyar ASLANOV, Vera AXYONOVA, Iulia COZACENCO, Andrei DEVIATKOV, Ole FRAHM, Nino KEMOKLIDZE, Vincenc KOPEČEK, Dirk LEHMKUHL, Danijela MAJSTOROVIC, Sebastian RELITZ, Vasile ROTARU

The workshop is organized by the ‘Center for Governance and Culture in Europe’ of the University of St Gallen and the Leibniz Institute for East and Southeast European Studies in Regensburg.

The project “The European Union and Eastern Partnership Countries – An Inside-Out Analysis and Strategic Assessment” [EU-STRAT] (” has received funding from the European Union’s Horizon 2020 research and innovative programme under grant agreement no. 693382.

NEC conference hall

* NEC, Odobleja, Haret, Henkel, Pontica Magna and How to Teach Europe seminars as well as meetings of the research groups can be attended by the fellows and the alumni of NEC Programs, and their guests. They are not open to the general public, and attendance is only by invitation, or by permission as a result of a request addressed to the NEC.